Chad Brownstein is an active advisor to CBeyondcancer and helps with program allocations

C Beyond CancerFounded by Callae Brownstein in 2012, CBeyondcancer’s mission is to partner with and fund organizations that help families see beyond emotional and financial obstacles so they can focus on fighting cancer. Their ultimate goal is to help cancer patients and their families build their inner strength and fortitude during a time of tremendous adversity where they can focus on healing instead of other obstacles. CBeyondcancer does this by supporting organizations that fund emotional support services and provide direct financial assistance to patients and their families. Since its inception, CBeyondcancer has raised nearly $325,000 for families struggling with cancer.

Callae Brownstein started CBeyondcancer after her own struggle with cancer. “After I was cured it has been a gift to reach out and help those families and children suffering with cancer directly,” she says. “[In doing so], there may be a little less worry and stress enabling them to focus on the finish line, and ‘Cbeyondcancer’ like I did!

Today, the organization does two main things for cancer patients and their families. They provide psycho-social support programs, which provide emotional support service, such as counseling, child specialists, mediation, and exercise programs, that would not otherwise be covered by insurance. The second is direct financial support programs, which provide direct financial support to the families during cancer treatments to cover things like child care, transportation, home care, rent/mortgage assistance and lodging.